Sporting Clays Fees



Blue card - $25 (50 targets)

When you sign up in the main shooting office, you will be offered a Blue Key which keeps track of all your targets. When you are done shooting, bring the key back in and you will be charged accordingly. 



Red card - $360 (1,000 targets) *$140 Savings!

If you decide you will do a lot of shooting, many purchase the Red Key, which is preloaded with 1,000 targets. This is a key you take home. It also allows you to shoot until 5 p.m. after the main office closes at 4 p.m. 



5-Stand Fees (Closed til Spring 2019)


$10 (25 targets)



Ammo Restrictions


Only 7-1/2, 8 or 9 shot size in a 2-3/4" shell cartridge is allowed on the sporting clays range.  No Buck Shot, Magnum Loads or 3-1/2" shells on the shotgun range.  We sell 12, 20, 28 and .410-gauge ammo at the range. If you want to try a different shot size, we will send you to the Pistol Range.



GUN Restrictions


Shotgun Barrel length must be at least 26 inches or longer and must have a butt stock.  No pistol grip shotguns allowed on the sporting clays range.








We offer shotguns in 12 and 20-gauge. The rental fee is $10 and you must purchase the range ammunition. Ammo cost for 12 and 20-gauge is $10.00 per box.






New to the sport of Sporting Clays? Sign up for our $99 Shotgun Experience Plus Instructions for up to two people. Available Saturday and Sunday Only. 


What you receive: 

  • 50 clay targets,

  • 50 rounds of ammunition,

  • gun rental

  • eye and ear protection 

  • up to one hour of quality instruction with one of our top instructors

You will be breaking targets by the end of the session and if you want to continue shooting, we let you shoot at a discounted rate!  Reservations are required. 

Must complete online waiver before booking reservation.   

Click the link below to book online or call 951-735-7981 



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