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Sporting Clays

Fun Shoot

Join us every month for

some friendly competition!

Mike Raahauge Shooting Enterprises regularly hosts a Sporting Clay Fun Shoot every second Sunday of the month. This event is open to the public and it serves as an opportunity for National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) members to register their targets.

How the fun shoot works:

  • Register at ScoreChaser

  • Squadded Event with two rotations avaiable

  • After checking in and being assigned a squad, you will receive a Purple Key preloaded with all of your squad's targets

    • This Purple Key has a few extra targets in case of breaks, however, there are NOT enough extra targets for you to view the targets before your squad shoots a station​

      • We do this to keep the cost of the Fun Shoot down for participants​​

    • If you would like to view targets prior to shooting a station or need extra targets, you can use the Yellow Key we will provide you​

      • The Yellow Key provides you with additional targets at a discounted rate, 24¢ per clay target thrown​

  • After completing your shooting and you have submitted your scorecard, we will serve lunch!

  • After lunch, you are welcome to continue your shooting until 4:00 pm using the discounted Yellow Key!

fun shoot timeline:

7:30 am - Sign-Ins Begin

9:00 am -  1st Squadded rotation begins

                   -  Super Sporting may begin

12:00 Pm 2nd Squadded rotation begins

11:00 am-2:00 pm - Lunch is served
2:00 pm Small Bore may begin

3:50 pm - Please return ALL Yellow Keys to the Office

4:00 pm - Office Closes for the day

Additional Information:

Winners of competitions can collect their winnings from the Range Office

Lunch is included with the event registration fee!

Fun Shoot

Competition Events:

2023 Registered
Event Dates:

January 8 - Fun Shoot​

February 12 - Fun Shoot​

March 12 - Fun Shoot​

April  - NO Fun Shoot​ - Easter Sunday

May 6 - Mike Raahauge Memorial Shoot​

All proceeds go to the Raahauge Shooting

Sports Foundation

June 11 - Fun Shoot

June 24 - The Jum Porter & Gerry Shelley 
                      Memorial Shoot - 
All proceeds go
                      to So Cal Top Guns

July 9 - Fun Shoot​
July 29
 - Western Regionals Warm Up​

August 13 - Fun Shoot​

September 10 - Fun Shoot​

October 8 - Fun Shoot​

November 12 - Fun Shoot​

December 10 - Fun Shoot​

Plan on joining us in the fun shoot?

Don't forget to complete your wavier!

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