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pistol &

Rifle range

Raahauge's has 15 private bays; 8 seats at our 100-yard rifle bay; and a Steel Shooting Gallery

Bring your California legal firearms and enjoy your day at our pistol and rifle range!

pistol &

Rifle bays

The bays are built with dirt and wood to allow you and your group to enjoy at least 2 hours of range time in private.

  • Pistols, rifles, and shotguns can all be shot in these bays

  • ONLY California legal firearms are allowed

  • Targets allowed in this area:

    • Cardboard backed paper targets​ & decals

    • Bullseye decals

    • Clay targets in a carboard target holder

    • Free-standing, forward-leaning AR500 or harder steel

100 yard rifle range

Our 100 yard range has 8 seats and has ADA accessible access

  • ONLY rifles can be used at this bay

  • ONLY 100 yards at this bay

  • ONLY California legal firearms

  • Your rifle(s) MUST BE ZEROED PRIOR to shooting at this bay!

  • Seated bench firing only with neighbors, this is not a private bay

steel shooting gallery

Remember the old days of the shooting galleries? We have recreated some old-time fun for all!

  • All pistol calibers can be used at the gallery

  • Ask the staff regarding what rifle calibers can be used

  • Bring your own California legal firearm, or rent one from us!

  • NO steel tip or steel core ammunition allowed at the gallery!

  • Brass ammunition only!

This is great for beginners and we have instructors on sight to assist!

Plan on visiting us soon?

Don't forget to complete your wavier!

New to pistols & rifles?

Consider our First-Timer Recomendations

Targets at bays

We have designed a wooden treestand that hold up to 2 large cardboard silhouette targets in each of our bays

ALL paper targets MUST be

backed with cardboard!

You can bring your own targets, but you MUST disclose ALL targets to the range master for approval!

NO plastic bottles, aluminum cans, fruit, bowling pins, etc.

NO exploding targets or tannerite!


You are allowed to bring your own ammunition and we sell a variety of ammo for your convenience.

NO steel tip ammo allowed ANYWHERE on the range!

NO steel core ammo allowed at the gallery

or while shooting at steel targets!

As per California Law, all ammunition bought on our property must be used on our property.

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