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Raahauge's offers a 25-station Sporting Clays

Our Sporting Clays course has 10 stations which are great for warm-up and training, while the other 15 stations offer more challenging target flights.

What are sporting clays?

On a Sporting Clays Station, clay targets are presented to the gunner in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds or rabbits in their natural habitats. The shooting grounds are laid out in stations with each station representing one type of bird or a combination of game, for example, a rabbit or a quail. Targets are thrown in pairs, but single targets can also be shot. To add to the fun, different sizes and colors of targets are offered.

ONLY 7-1/2, 8 or 9 lead shot size in a       2-3/4" shell cartridges allowed on the sporting clay range!

No Steel Shot, Buck Shot, Magnum Loads or 3-1/2" shells on the sporting clays range

You can only load two (2) shells at any time while on the property

We sell .410, 28, 20- and 12-gauge ammo

If you want to try a different shot size, we will send you to the Pistol Range 

Shotgun Barrel length must be at least 26 inches or longer and MUST have a buttstock to be on the sporting clays range. No pistol grip shotguns allowed on the sporting clays range.
If you have and would like to shoot these firearms, you can do so in the rifle and pistol bays!

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