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& gunsmithing

At Raahauge's we treat

you like family

We know learning a new skill can be hard,

so we only want you to work with the best.

Many of our employees and family members have learned from the FTA. We want you to be comfortable; we want you to learn safely; and we want you to enjoy this experience. If you have any questions about working with an instructor, please don't hesitate to contact us! We would love to assist you in picking the right instructor for you!

Firearms training associates

Located on our range, FTA offers a number of courses including pistol, shotgun, rifle, self-defense, tactical, certifications, medical and more.

(714) 701-9918

Please make sure to have the online wavier completed prior to your first visit for everyone who will be on the property! 

Planning on taking lessons at raahauge's?

gunsmithing: all pistols & Rifles

Dan Smith, Armstrong Arms

(949) 305-5308

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