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No gun rentals available!

Sporting Clay Fees

Blue Card
$26 for 50 clay targets 

52¢ per clay target

When checking in the main office, you will be offered the option of using a Blue Key.

The Blue Key will track the number of targets you throw during your visit then after you are done, bring the key back to the office to be charged accordingly.

Price increase as 7/1/2023

gun with clays.jpg

red Card
$380 for 1,000 clay targets

38¢ per clay target 
$140 Credit Card Price in savings!

Price increase as of 7/1/2023

If you plan on being a frequent visitor to our range and plan on doing a lot of shooting, the Red Key might be the best option for you! The Red Key is yours to keep and is preloaded with 1,000 clay targets. Having a preloaded key allows you the option to continue shooting until 5 pm, even when the main office closes at 4pm!

No gun rentals available until further notice!

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