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Youth shooting

& Education

Socal top guns, Inc.

SoCal Top Guns, Inc. offers programs for all levels of experience.

Offerings weekly and 6-week clinics for anyone from age 7 to 21; SoCal Top Guns, Inc. will teach safety, etiquette, and proper shooting techniques.

A Single Weekly Class:

$60 per participant per each 3-hour class

6-Week Classes:

$300 per participant for entire 6-class course

If you are participating in the 6-week course option and can't make it every week, don't worry! Attendance will be taken until you attend all 6 classes.

Classes are held every

Saturday, 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Both course options include clay targets; ear and eye protection; qualified instructors; safety briefings;

classrooms sessions; and more

Interested in joining socal for shooting education?

Contact Leonard Ramimondo:

Phone: (951) 318-1452 


Planning on joining?

Please make sure to have the online wavier completed prior to your first visit for everyone who will be on the property! 

A waiver must be validated prior to attending a SoCal class, you must visit the front office to complete this step. Once validated, you will be given a waiver card to present to the Top Gun Staff. EVERYONE must complete a wavier, where they are shooting or spectating.

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