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Planning on

visiting us soon?

Here are some things to keep in mind

While this is not a comprehensive list of everything to keep in mind when planning your visit, this should get you started.

To Do List:

  • Complete the Online Wavier for ALL members of your party!

    • Seriously, it will save you time and confusion​

  • Make sure your firearms and ammunition ARE California Legal

    • It's Always Bet to Triple Check!​

  • Visit Our "How to Visit Us" Page to ensure you arrive without getting lost

    • It also might be helpful to make note of our phone number​

  • Check the weather to dress/pack accordingly

  • Make Sure ALL members of your party have reviewed and understood our Range Rules

    • These are available on our Online Waiver Page

  • Check out our FAQ Page for any additional questions you might have

What to Bring:

Our Suggestions for What to Bring When You Visit Us:

  • Drinks; it is important to stay hydrated!

  • Sunscreen; trust us, sunburns aren't fun

  • Ear and Eye Protection

    • If you wear prescription glasses, those will work!​

    • Sunglasses also work

  • Baseball Cap or Hat

  • Your California Legal Firearms and Ammunition

  • Snacks; you're not you when you're hungry

Heading to the Rifle and Pistol Range?

Here Are Some Additional Suggestions:

  • Popup Tent; if you would like to make sure you have some shade in the bay​

  • Cooler

Vehicle Considerations:

Please remember the roadways at our Range are NOT paved.

You are welcome to drive your vehicle around the Sporting Clays Range as well as drive your vehicle up to your private bay. HOWEVER, please know that dust, mud, and dirt are realities of not having paved roads.

What to Wear:

When folks call and ask what to wear, here are the suggestions we tend to share with them:

  • Baseball Cap

    • Along with providing you with some shade, a hard-billed hat can provide some protection for your eyes and face from hot brass and recoil, but be advised eye protection is required for everyone on the property, whether you are shooting or not​

  • Eye Protection: Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Safety Glasses

    • Eye protection is required for everyone on the property, whether you are shooting or not​. While projectiles, debris, and pieces of targets breaking off is not common, we want everyone's eyes protected at all times

  •  Ear Protection: Earplugs, NOT Headphones

    • We suggest that everyone on the property wear ear protection, however, it is required for all shooters to wear ear protection​

  • High-necked Shirt: Nothing Low-Cut or Vneck

    • While​ sleeve length can be determined by the weather, we strongly encourage high-necked shirts to be worn

    • Hot Brass falling down a shooter's shirt is not only painful but a safety hazard for everyone. Please wear a shirt to minimize this risk.

  • Comfortable Bottoms

    • We suggest wearing bottoms you are comfortable moving in​. Athletic bottoms, jeans, etc are suggested

  • Closed-Toed Comfortable Shoes

    • Closed-Toed shoes are required on the property. Sneakers, boots, and tennis shoes will provide you with more mobility and ​safety than sandals, heels, or other shoe types.

    • Similar to High-Necked Shirts, Closed-Toe Shoes will provide your feet with some protection from hot brass, which is incredibly painful to have landed on your feet. Additionally, sandals, heels, and open-toe shoes are a safety hazard.

Additionally, we strongly suggest checking the weather prior to preparing to visit us and dress accordingly. 

When in doubt, ask yourself: would you be comfortable wearing something for hours on end walking around Disneyland? If not, maybe consider changing.

Visiting us soon?

Please make sure to have the online wavier completed prior to your first visit for everyone who will be on the property! 

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